We study our ancestors from ancient Kemet to West Africa; From Middle Passage to American Shores; From American shores to marooned farmers, entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, nurses, preachers, as they settled South Saint Petersburg, passing on a great spiritual, educational, vocational, and relational heritage.


We reclaim our true selves and our identities as people of African ancestry so that we may pass on through mentoring, training, socialization to our greatest assets who we really are and the genius we are capable of.


We seek to restore our communities through bringing back the community schools that were vital in our own education and pivotal in sustaining a close-knit, family-oriented community of scholars and friends. We do this through community engagement activities, training of and consultation with educational and community leaders and educators, and needs to assessments that lead appropriate and accessible wrap-around services.


It is our hope to build a community cultural resource center that will be a gathering place for deep and meaningful study and fellowship. It is our hope to build a community that will build for eternity such that our legacy has no end.